Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Comics "giveaway"

Is anybody interested in the following comics?
They are all trade paperback (apart form one hardcover), English language, in good shape/only slight shelf-wear unless otherwise noted.
I'd like to be reimbursed for shipping, plus 2 euros for handling and packaging. International shipping might be €3.70 for 2 books if they're thin ones, of if they're not so thin or more than 2 books €7, or €17 if the total weight is over 1000g


The Amazing Spider-Man - Edge of Spider-Verse

Fables - Legends in Exile 1

Saga Volume 1

Saga Volume 2

Iron West

Death - The High Cost of Living

Jonah Hex - Face Full of Violence

Avatar - The Last Airbender - The Promise parts 1 to 3 (complete, 3 separate books)

Avatar - The Last Airbender - The Search parts 1, 2 (of 3) Part 1 has a horizontal break in/near the spine)

Serenity - Those Left Behind

Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? hardcover

Serenity - Better Days

If no-one's interested, I'll probably put them in little free libraries.

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