Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

War On The Lawn

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Setting: Terra M
Genre: Modern fantasy
Summary: The garden is not as peaceful as it could be....
Words: 100

The mushrooms were at it again. Jessica watched as tiny armies advanced on each other with tiny spears and hatchets. The white button mushrooms were individually bigger than the sheathed woodtufts, who, however, made up for it in numbers.

“Wanna bet who wins?”

Jessica shot Scribbles a quelling look. “Nah. I wonder if I should try to stop them.”

“You could give one side knitting needles and kitchen knives. You could be their God!”

Disgusted with that notion, Jessica turned to housekeeping, but made a mental note to ask Angus if he thought a decorative wall between territories might help.

Jessica glaring at Scribbles

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Tags: contemporary fantasy, drabbles, jessica, mushrooms, scribbles, third person

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