Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Xenologists' Party

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Setting: ?
Genre: SciFi
Summary: There's a lot of interesting booze.
Notes: prompted by Herm
Words: 100

Yasmin had never seen a more interesting selection of booze than at the xenologists’ department’s New Year’s party.

Martian lecanoral had become commonplace, but here, bringing home alien spirits was almost a competition.

Gillio brought a selection of brandies from Alpha Centauri, though Yasmin found listening in to Helma and Kagiso exchanging cocktail recipes. It was just as well they had no ginirn to milk for those.

Eventually she asked Hye, who stood next to a bottle in a glass case, “And what do you have there?”


“That’s toxic to humans.”

“I’ve got the antidote, too. Want to try?”

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Tags: drabbles, science fiction

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