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Setting: ?
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: There was a grand plan. It did not work.
Notes: prompted by Becky
Words: 100

The grass in front of Karn was covered in bugs. Brown, green, black, red. He poked at them despodently with a stick.
“No wights.”

“No,” Laurus said in a tiny voice.

“No skeletons.” Karn lifted a long stalk, sending bugs tumbling. “No demons riding dire wolves.”

Laurus hugged his grimoire and hoped Karn would not explode.

“’Army of Evil’, that was the plan.”

“Well, yes. I needed to cut one syllable to make it scan.”

“Oh, I’d be happy enough with an evil army. But this undisciplined lot couldn’t even cause a crop failure.”
He stomped off. Laurus breathed again.

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Tags: drabbles, fantasy

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