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Setting: ?
Genre: Fantasy (contemporary)
Summary: Either Velma is hallucinating, or something weird is going on with her daughter
Notes: prompted by Becky and Eliza
Words: 100

Three times, Velma had not found her six-year-old daughter I her bed in the middle of the night, but when she asked Jerome to help her look for the girl, Zelda was in the bed.

When questioned, the girl said she slept through the night, confused and disturbed by her mother’s franticness.

There had been arguments. Jerome agreed, with a bad taste in his mouth, to hide a camera in Zelda’s room.

After the next occurrence, Velma and Jerome reviewed the video from the start.

“See, she’s sleeping—”


Between one frame and the next, Zelda had disappeared.

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Tags: contemporary fantasy, drabbles

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