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Setting: presumably real world
Genre: Slice of life
Summary: Usually loud kid gets quiet. Does that mean trouble?
Notes: prompted by Eliza and Deirdre
Words: 100

After hearing Liam run the shredder up in his room for ages, the silence was a relief. When it remained complete, not broken by music or sounds of someone moving about, it eventually became worrying. More worrying than a boy with no important paperwork running a shredder.

Danielle found him at his desk, utterly rapt. His desk was littered with narrow strips of coloured paper.

Unnoticed, Danielle watched her son pinch a tiny green paper spiral into a leaf shape to add to a card starting to show a flower bouquet. She snuck out and left him to it, smiling.

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Tags: deirdra, drabbles, eliza, slice of life
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