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Setting: Noah
Genre: scifi/fantasy
Summary: Someone has been preserving Earth species in danger of extiction for quite a while...
Notes: prompted by Becky Alllen and Herm Baskerville
Words: 100

Noah was a moon, hollowed out to create habitats.

Clarice’s head was still spinning after seeing the ice age megafauna when her guide announced, “here are the habitats for intelligent species.”

Clarice noticed the doors seemed over-dimensioned before her head caught up with the plural. She had just opened her mouth to ask when someone walked across the yard.

They were built like a centaur, and had no skin, black flesh and yellow veins glistening. A red-glowing eye regarded Clarice gaping for a moment before dismissing her.

“I thought this… ark was about Earth?”

“Nuckelavee are from Earth.”

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Tags: drabbles, fantasy, science fiction

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