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Setting: As-yet-unnamed, same as Mirrors and Doors
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Justice administered by budgies can be cruel.
Notes: Combines prompts by Ellen Million, Becky Allen, and Herm Baskerville
Words: 100

The birds chirped, the bells jingled, and Janno muttered a curse. He did not deserve this. Maybe some of his jokes had been too off-colour, but he did not deserve a flock of budgies following him, keeping him from sleeping. Worst was when someone admired the “cute birdies” when they played with the bells of the fool’s cap he only wore to keep the beasts entertained - the alternative was having his ears bitten.

Not daring to approach the witch he had annoyed so, he racked his brains for another. The only one he could think of was the queen.

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Tags: animals, birds, budgies, drabbles, fantasy, magic, third person

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