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Setting: ?
Genre: Slice of life, humour
Summary: Short-notice invitations may cause trouble with appropriate dress.
Warnings: none
Note: Something like "fancy dress at the wrong party" was a prompt by Laura Boutet.
Words: 100

Janet sipped champagne and surveyed the crowd at the charity ball, smiling. The men all in smart, dark suits, women in bright dresses.

And then Nico arrived, wearing a lime green tailcoat and light yellow shirt. Janet could just stare as the short woman approached her. Nico scattered greetings among amused or confused other guests.

When Nico met Janet’s eyes her smile turned crooked, apologetic, prompting the hostess to control her expression.

“It’s the only evening wear I own.”

“It’s… unique.”

“Yeah, I had it made.” Nico grinned. “Think I should have brought the top hat?”

Janet laughed unseemly loud.

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Tags: drabbles, nico, third person
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