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Setting: ?
Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale
Summary: The shortest way to Kree's goal has its own rules, and toll to be paid.
Warnings: (highlight to read) mention/threat of cannibalism
Note: Combines prompts from Herm, Becky, and Ellen.
Words: 100

Kree walked down the tunnel until she could see not further, hoping she had traded for the right kind of coin. Round and shiny they were…

A voice came from the left. “I smell a girl.”

“Sweet and tender,” from the right.

A third tunnel-dweller behind Kree dropped heavy, hairy hands on her shoulders. “Do you have a better offer?”

Kree nodded and opened her purse.

“I smell caramel!”

“And strawberry swirls!”

The third plucked the purse out of Kree’s hands. “It’s my turn to guide.”

The other trolls whined and hissed, but stepped aside to let them through.

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Tags: drabbles, fairy tales, fantasy

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