Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

I have paper

  • pad with 90g/m² sketching paper (Gerstäcker N°1), 120 sheets remaining
  • 1 pad of sketching card postcards
  • 1 pad of 450 g/m² watercolour paper (Hahnemühle Cornwall)
  • 1 pad of 600g/m² watercolour paper (Hahnemühle Leonardo) ~8 sheets left?
  • rest of a pad of 9''x12'' sketching paper (~10 sheets)
  • 1 pad of 25 sheets 24x30 cm watercolour paper, 300g/m², Clairefontaine, hot press
  • 1 pad of 25 sheets 18x24 cm watercolour paper, 300g/m², Clairefontaine, hot press
  • 1 pad of 300g/m² watercolour paper (Hahnemühle Britannia), with 5 sheets remaining
  • 1 pad ~20 sheets of A4 drawing paper, 120g/m² (Idena)
  • most of a 50 sheet pad of A4 Letraset marker paper I bought in Finland in 2012
  • rest of a pad of A4 drawing paper, 120g/m² (Listmann)
  • 1 small pad of watercolour paper, 250g/m² (Hahnemühle Burgund)
  • Nearly unused A5 spiral bound sketch pad, slightly off-white, 90g/m² (Canson XL)
  • partly used (~15 sheets left) A5 pad of 190g/m² sketch paper (Hahnemühle Nostalgie)
  • partly used (~10 sheets left) small pad of 220g/m² rough watercolour paper (Hahnemühle D'Aqua)
  • partly used (~6 sheets left) small pad of 300g/m² watercolour paper (Canson Studien-Aquarellblock)
  • 10 sheets A4 decorative paper (ribbed, marbled, mostly oale green)
  • Lana Vanguard plastic-to-use-like-paper drawing ground. 9 of 10 sheets left (and most of the 10th sheet, in smaller parts)
  • most of a 25 sheets pad of watercolour paper 300g/m², cold pressed, Clairfontaine
  • partly used pad (~50 sheets left) of 200g/m² watercolour paper 24x32cm, Gerstäcker N°3
  • partly used pad (originally 10 sheets) of 150g/m² watercolour paper (folia)
  • 25-30 loose sheets of drawing paper, iirc 250g/m² (ursus)
  • ~55 A4 sheets of my preferred "bristol" to marker on (Exacompta)
  • 1 pad (20 A4 sheets) of Bristol, 250g/m² (Canson), still shrinkwrapped
  • 1 pad (50 A4 sheets?) of Hahnemühle drawing paper, still shrinkwrapped
  • 1 pad (50 A4 sheets) of drawing paper, 250g/m² (boesner LineArt), still shrinkwrapped
  • 3 (!) pads of 125g/m² drawing paper, with 200(!!!) sheets each (Gerstäcker N°2), still shrinkwrapped
  • ~50 sheets of the same from another pad
  • ~15 sheets of A4 marker paper
  • an inch-thick stack of A5 sized stuff, mostly Exacompta cardstock
  • a 4-inch stack of coloured copier paper
  • ~ 50 sheets of black paper
  • partly used pad of assorted brightly coloured papers
  • a small stack of various decorative/fancy cardstock
  • 4 packages of square pearlescent/metallic patterned paper
  • most of a pad of coloured construction paper
  • a complete pad of same
  • a previously complete pad of same, cut down to one set of 5x7 and rather more of ACEO-Sized blanks, and scraps that are usable for bookmarks
  • a small stack of naturally aged paper I may have owned since primary school
  • a handful of brown paper salvaged from big envelopes I received
  • small collection of transparent/transluscent papers
  • stack of paper I textured with paint, about 1.5 inches high
  • stack of A5 sized paper I made myself from pulp, 3-4 inches high
  • 2 500er packets of white printer paper
  • most of a packet of reclycled/off-white printer paper
  • most of a packet (probably less than 500 originally) of 120g/m² printer paper
  • close to 50 sheets of spider paper
  • ~20 sheets of very smooth paper
  • ~25 sheets of linen structure printer paper
  • textured card, black and white, from when I bought a spiral binder
  • White ACEO blanks, various papers... rather a lot? (stack over 5 inches of single cuts, about 1 inch as tall as an ACEO but at least twice as wide, half-inch stack of cuts as wide as an ACEO but as tall as two or three)
  • A dozen 2.5 by 7 iches pieces of black card
  • About 25 ACEO blanks out of card I consider only suitable to be entirely covered with collage stuff
  • half-inch stack of 4x6 blanks
  • a bit over an inch stack of white 5x7 blanks
  • 3 blanks of black matboard a bit bigger than 5x7
  • A4 sized drawer full of variously sized papers
  • small selection of 4x6 blanks cut from various coloured papers
  • A4 sized drawer full of coloured paper scraps

On to stuff that's A3 sized, or close to it
  • most of a pad og 300g/m² watercolour paper (Gerstäcker Aquarell Classic)
  • rest of a cheap drawing pad bought at some supermarket during a back to school sale
  • 1 pad (75 sheets) of 160g/m² "universal" paper (Gerstäcker N°5), still shrinkwrapped
  • mostly used pad of the same, ~ 20 sheets remaining
  • 7 sheets of drawing paper (folia, I believe)
  • partly used pad with ~30 sheets of Hahnemühle drawing paper
  • nearly unused pad of Copic marker paper, 50 sheets
  • 4 plates of heavy bristol and 2 plates of watercolour card, cut to 11''x17'', IIRC
  • a packet of paper in assorted colours

Yet bigger stuff
  • 11 different designs of giftwrap I gor for crafting
  • 1 roll of packing paper
  • 2 stacks of folded packing paper
  • Big format sketching paper (Gerstäcker N°1)
  • Big format construction paper, teal(?)
  • Big format construction paper, black

Also 7 canvases.

  • spiral-bound Hahnemühle D&S Sketchbook, A4 size, 140 g/m², 80 pages
  • 3 A5 sized hardcover notebooks with blank pages (80 sheets)
  • small format softcover sketchbook, Clairfontaine
  • small format notebook, "handmade" paper
  • ca. A5 sized moleskine knockoff
  • pocket-size moleskine with thick pages
  • ca A6 sized blank notebook
  • 3 blank mini notebooks
  • A5 exercise book, Clairfontaine
  • A4 exercise book, Paperzone
  • A5 exercise book, Oxford, with some stick animals on the first page
  • A5 exercise book, Paperzone, with rough sketches for already done Elfquest portraits on the first 5 pages
  • A5 spiralbound sketchbook, partly filled

(List made because I made a resolution for this year to end the year with less paper than I started it with.)

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