Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Week 1 Review

Visual art made
finished CAX image for Quanafi
inked and coloured CAX image for Eliza
Bear doodles
Redlance portrait
Also portraits of Nightfall and Woodlock, which are queued on tumblr to post tomorrow and the day after. Elsewhere I'll assemble them when I'm done with all 16 original Wolfriders (excluding Wing, because I don't think there's a good reference of his face before the timejump between books 1 and 2).
I also also assembled a notebook with 24 pages - I had it half-done lying in a drawer for... years, probably, but with the awl I long-term borrowed from my mother and the new paper cutter, I could finally finish it.
Fiction posted
Homegrown Food
Fiction written
Draft written to the prompt "Glitter Snow" (flashfic, ca 250 words)
Done something I'd been putting off
Put the door of my crockery cupboard back (It had fallen off some months ago).
Changed the fat filter in the exhaust hood over the stove
Messages count (currently in my inbox)
Email: 29; deviantArt: 47
Other Stuff
Posted the weekly No Procrastination entry (and fiished my firm goals a day early, rather than toeing the deadline)
Posted the supposed-to-be-monthly-but-this-time-was-for-three-months feature journal for traditionalmedia
Started the January round of Character Art Exchange, and created the February round (also left a handful of comments on submissions there)

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