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Projects 2014

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I have a bad habit of putting off stuff. Maybe keeping a list of stuff to do will help. This post will be updated with a link when something is done, or new goals/projects as they come up.


  • Finish Beowulf image
  • Take part in each round of CAX, turning in my art on time.
  • Create adoption images for people who are owed art by other CAX members.
  • Create 6 more-involved-than-single-figures images of or featuring my own characters (illustrating a scene counts, as would a character sheet).
  • Zazzle stuff:
    • Maybe make a Valentine Card? If I can manage by Jan 19th...
    • Have the Easter Chicken and "Kikichi in Spring" available before Spring starts.
    • Have at least the Christmas Mouse I drew last year available by the end of November.


  • Post a flashfic each Friday.
  • Write a flashfic each week, so I have enough to post on Fridays.
  • Put the "Horror" Fishbowl ebook up on Smashwords
  • Check what I still owe for the Law and Order Fishbowl and DO THAT. (1 short story and an unknown amount of background material, IIRC)
  • Make an ebook version of that Fishbowl
  • Run a Flash Fiction Fishbowl (with fewer tip incentives than the last, so I don't end up owing stuff that blocks me) in the first half of February, when I'm off work again
  • Make a little ebook of the 2013 A to Z Drabbles
  • Make a zine/chapbook of the 2013 A to Z Drabbles
  • Try the April A to Z Drabbles thing again, actually in April. (Possibly asking for prompts in March to build a buffer)
  • Figure out if I can run a Fishbowl after work hours


  • End the year with a smaller paper stash than I started with.
  • Once a month cook, or at least eat, something I don't know that I like. 1/12 done
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