Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Meet the Dragons: Swoop and Oceaneye

One new hatchling today.

These aare the parents:

[personal profile] aldersprig looked for a good home for Swoop, and while she's out of my colours - I mostly focus on green dragons, or green dragons with orange wings - I really liked her freckles. She was named by aldersprig

Oceaneye I got from aldersprig, too, but as a hatchling. It took a while to name him, but I went with what drew me to him: the bright blue, eye-spotted wings.

Their first clutch was apparently bought while the Earth Flight was pushing for dominance, they sold and were all exalted.

This clutch had only one egg, but the result is pretty, if you ask me.

Anybody here who likes the colours?

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Tags: flight rising, oceaneye, swoop
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