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August Crowdfunding News

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Let's try this again. Some things that caught my eye:, a platform for crowdfunding scientific research rather than creative projects, has a project to research hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form or nausea during pregnancy that can lead to miscarriages and medical nightmare for the women affected. Since apparently mainstream research decided to skip it because hysteria was a good enough explanation until relatively recently, crowdfunding seems to suit that well.

On to more fun things.

Ysabetwordsmith is running her Poetry Fishbowl today - leave her prompts to the theme "modern myth" to inspire poetry.

Next weekend, August 10-12, will see the 27th EMG Sketch Fest - leave prompts, or draw sketches based on prompts; open for anyone.

The Crowdfunding community on Livejournal (and Dreamwidth) will have a creative jam open to all media, to the theme "preservation/conservation", on August 19-20.

Torn World's creative jam, also open to all comers, is scheduled for August 24-27. It'll run in the associated Livejournal community, where you can also find last month's instalment for a description.

And I'd like to run a Flash Fiction Fishbowl to the theme "Stories people tell", but I'm not sure when exactly yet.

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