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Key Issues

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The owner of the BMW that had had its routine inspection walked back into the repair shop a bare minute after leaving, making the mechanic raise his eyebrows briefly.

“Is there anything wrong?”

“I can’t open the door. I think you gave me the wrong key.”

“Well, let’s check.”

When they were in the parking lot where the car waited to be picked up, the customer pointed the key at the car and pressed the button for the central locking system. Nothing happened.

The mechanic held out his hand, and received the key. He walked up to the car, stuck the key in the driver’s door lock, and unlocked it.

The owner flushed. “Um. That is…”

Don’t grin, don’t grin, he’d think it’s rude. “Sorry, I didn’t notice the battery’d run out. I’ll replace it, should just take a few minutes?”

“Yes. Yes, thank you.”

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Tags: slice of life, third person
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