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Signal boost: green_knight is a freelancer looking for clients - offered services include research, editing, translations to or from German and other things.

I hired her for copyediting on that flash fiction collection I'm dragging my feet on, and found her nice to work with, and prompt.

Spent quite some time in the garden yesterday. Among other things I dug up the butterfly bush that died this winter, planted sunflowers my mother had grown from seeds, and planted a vine of seedless grapes.

The old vegetable beds are at the moment covered mostly with strawberries and thistles. Yay, strawberries! XD

Today I made luch for my mother and myself, and tried on most of the clothes in one of my two wardrobes. I have too many clothes! Most of them are inherited, so there's things like weird-coloured trousers I have no top to wear with... @_@

Late afternoon/early evening was one of my cousin's birthdays, and I went there again. Good thing, too: it was the first time in years I got steak actually grilled over actual fire. :D

I also asked my oldest cousin if he could give me some tips with the whole job application thing. Which was a bit of a strain for my nerves (just my usual "wah, I'm so clueless that if I ask what I don't know people will think I'm stupid and hate me"-anxiety), but my nerves need a thicker skin, they do.

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