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March Crowdfunding News

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If you like supporting creative projects directly, whether by donations or giving people ideas, see if there's something of interest here. It's a collection of projects that caught my eye, particularly fiction Fishbowls where you leave prompts for someone to use as basis for writing. At the end you'll find links to stories written to my prompts in February, as well as my activity last month.

Networking on Twitter

If you run a project - writing, drawing, anything else - which involves asking people for prompts, and you plug it on twitter, consider including the hashtag #promptcall

Updates of last month's projects

With a bit over two days to go, Plunge, the ezine for queer women in genre literature, is fully funded.

The Pueblo of Acoma Storytelling Studio on the other hand isn't close to its goal yet, though there are two weeks to go still.

Planned Prompt Calls

Most dates were drawn from start-of-the-month posts in the crowdfunding communities on Dreamwidth and Livejournal

Based on my prompts

I don't think any of those stories need content warnings, though I can't vouch for other content you might find looking around.
Hopefully I didn't forget anything; I need to get more systematic about the bookmarking.

My Activity

Fishbowl stories posted publicly in February:

The Law & Order Fishbowl I ran in February will probably end up with relatively few stories; there is a pattern of someone's general prompt working together with someone else's more concrete one to create one story idea. I'm not as far along as I wanted to be by now, partly because I spent the last three days getting my computer to work again. While I did not lose any actual writing, I'm not sure I'll be able to recover my organised notes with the prompts and ideas based on them. (More frequent and thorough backups in future for me.)

The file with the stories from the Horror Fishbowl is at the editor's.

And lastly, five of the requests from the last Small Art Call are finished now.

That project is going more slowly than I'd like, too, but I'm picking up the pace and hope to get most of it done before March is over.

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