Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Arty update

Eliza is offering free character or other sketches, upgradable via tips. Particularly check her out if you like cute&cartoony styles. :)

And as to my Small Art drive... Here's a photo of the first requests of 19 people, inked (taken with a real camera, which makes for better visibility than the cellphone photos of pencil sketches). That leaves the first requests of 2 people, one of whom hasn't actually left one yet, and one where I have a pencilled image, but would like an answer to a question before I ink. And most of the second pics.

Art for other people: 29 to do
Waiting for info before I can start: 1
Mulling over doodles/ideas: 5
Pencilled or partially inked: 3 (one of those I'd like a detail question answered before I ink)
Inked: 20
Coloured: 0

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Tags: art

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