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  • Sun, 12:47: Last week I found a webshops selling Copic Markers at better prices than the one I ordered from before.
  • Sun, 12:47: Downside of that shop: It offered more colours, meaning I was further from completing my collection than I thought.
  • Sun, 12:48: And today I find out there'll be another 12 new colours of Copics available in Europe at the end of Janaury. XD
  • Sun, 15:50: Just went to pre-order the Avatar comic on The 3rd search result was "Hinduism For Dummies". XD
  • Sun, 15:52: Oh, Thalia lists it! Cool, I can easily avoid buying it at Amazon. :D
  • Sun, 15:55: For anyone who may have missed it: Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise is sort of a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Out Feb 07.
  • Sun, 20:37: RT @lynthornealder: I am still taking prompts & writing to them - on the theme "In the City" - #weblit #webfiction
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