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Signal Boost: People looking for prompts

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If you like helping creative folks out with ideas what to write (or draw), I've got some tips for you this weekend:

Lyn Thorne-Alder's Giraffe Call is looking for prompts to the theme "In the City" and will write flash fiction based on them.

The Torn World Muse Fusion is looking for prompts for a bunch of people to create fiction, poetry or art for the Torn World setting. You don't need to be familiar with it; general prompts are welcome. If you'd like a theme as a springboard, the current and upcoming contest themes are "Fashions and Fads" and "Critters of Land and Sea".

And the Crowdfunding community on LJ is having a Creative Jam to the theme "Disabled People (visibly and invisibly disabled)". It's mirrored on Dreamwidth, too.

And if that's not enough, upcoming:

The next EMG Sketch Fest will be next weekend, for 48 hours, Jan 20-22 noon to noon Alaskan time.

(And I've got tentative plans for another Flash Fiction Fishbowl, themed "Law and Order", starting the weekend after that.)

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