Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Creative Thursday

Small Art Update: The third threshold is met. Anybody who tipped $10 (and one person who got upgraded to that step thanks to referrals) can request a second image, and all images will be coloured, no matter who requested them.

20 people requested art, 16 tipped, 15 of those enough to have the original mailed to them, and a 17th said they'd tip after payday.

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous about making the last threshold right now - 3 new people deciding 2 piccies for $10 is a good deal would do it. It would be awesome, but more work than I'd thought. I had expected a bigger fraction of free requests, see? Seems like many people were willing to chip in $5 for a chance of getting the original. XD

But, well, I said until Friday, so it'll stay open until Friday (though I'll close in the morning rather than evening...) And I have all but 3 or 4 of the first 20 at least rough pencilled now, so it doesn't feel like even if it turned into 46 I'd be utterly overwhelmed.

I also wrote 2 pieces of flashfic for the person who prompted-and-tipped for the Fishbowl when the two weeks old plug popped up in a community, and another for Eliza, who was the other person who tipped and left more than one prompt.

There should be at least one extra story next week, and more likely two, sponsored by that late tip.

I'm giving myself until Sunday to write the story for clare_dragonfly, and an extended beginning for the one I wrote for wyld_dandelyon, and if I haven't managed by then, I'll give up and concentrate on getting that ebook done.

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