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Мои твиты

  • Пн, 16:21: RT @lynthornealder: A summary of my December Giraffe Call for Prompts so far: Giraffe Call Summary (so far!) #weblit
  • Пн, 16:22: My paternal grandfather invited us to Christmas dinner. The restaurant had a view of the Rhine.
  • Пн, 16:24: Grandpa pointed at a mountain across the river and said he operated a spotlight for the antiarcraft guns stationed there when he was 16.
  • Пн, 16:25: My cousin's SO insisted on having a look at the remaining bridge heads. Is Remagen known internationally?
  • Пн, 19:19: I can't recognise different colours of Copic markers by smell, but I notice that their smells are different so it seems potentially possible
  • Пн, 19:28: RT @newscientist: Tortoises aren’t noted for their speed but they are surprisingly quick-witted (cc @Suitov )
  • Пн, 20:52: RT @lowtax: shocked parents discover grade school library has book explaining satanism, homosexuality, and drugs. town gathers to burn " ...
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