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It's this time of the year again

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The End Time, that is. ;)

Merry Christmas, or whatever you'd like to be merry about.

Christmas Mouse

To save work, I'll combine this with a general Gallery Update of images I neglected to upload here earlier...</p>

Three images from the October Sketch Fest

Gathering the Lost Children Floating By Pink and Black Angel

Images from the first official "Free Small Art" call

That call was a bit of a wash. First I didn't advertise it as widely as I had planned, and should have done, and then I dragged my feet on actually getting the art done. I upgraded all to coloured (or greyscale) as apology.

Momo for Eliza Mikey for Moonglows Mule for ysabetwordsmith Cat-Hobbit for Kitrona Some the Grue for i_id

Other art for other people

Apart from the last one those are images drawn for Character Art Exchange

Arianna for Becca Double Portrait for Droakir Tulette for Kuroiyousei Raven for CassPoe Porter for Lyn thorne-Alder

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