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Flash Fiction Fishbowl 2

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General information about the Flash Fiction Fishbowl

This Fishbowl is closed for further prompts

You give me prompts, I write flash fiction based on them - Stories based on prompts from the first Fishbowl.

Prompts can be a keyword, phrase, and idea, a random fact, and image. I if you know my writing, "more of X". Just leave a comment.

I'd be particularly interested in prompts that fit the general theme of horror or dark fantasy, but if you have something else, do leave it, anyway. I'm not terribly interested in writing romance and erotica, or fanfiction, though.

Leave as many prompts as you like in a comment. I will try to use at least one prompt from each person.

I will send a finished story based on a prompt to the person who left the prompt, via email if the comment is left on, via internal message if it's left on Livejournal or Dreamwidth.

They will be published at my discretion. On Friday I will post at least one publicly, and more if I receive tips. Please don't let the fact I'm open to tips stop you from leaving prompts if you are not going to tip! :)

Anybody who tips will receive a link to a Google doc where they can read all stories written for this Fishbowl. They're also guaranteed to receive a story (though if they only left prompts that I find I can't work with, I may ask for re-prompting.)

If I receive a total of at least $20 in tips, I will make up an ebook (epub and mobi format) of the resulting stories, and everybody who left a prompt or donated will receive a copy.

[Tip button removed] Resulting stories are listed here

Progress so far:

  • Received prompts from 11 people (33 prompts total)
  • Finished 5 stories
  • Received $30, so there will be an ebook for prompters and donators
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Tags: crowdsourced creativity, fishbowl
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