Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Мои твиты

  • Пн, 14:17: Back from a walk. Saw two kestrels. May or may not be a pair, I dunno.
  • Пн, 14:36: @GarethAveyard @Suitov Why the bloody panic? It's just dry flour. Now, if it has been cake batter, or even just flour and water...
  • Пн, 14:57: @lynthornealder I've been trying to find "Timora's Hell Night stories" (I tend to forget titles)... Are they in the landing page yet?
  • Пн, 16:41: Google search for "female form": About 2,220,000 results. Google search for "male form": About 730,000 results. huh.
  • Пн, 16:46: RT @Suitov: .... "html form": 1,430,000,000 :D // html is OFFICIALLY prettier than men and women put together! :D
  • Пн, 17:24: I read Deadly Games by @GoblinWriter. Big problem: Now I want the next book in the series, which isn't written yet. XD
  • Пн, 18:30: RT @LilFluff: Note: Due to AutoCorrect, Turkey Day will be replaced this year with Tortilla Day. #GeeThanksAutoCorrect
  • Пн, 18:48: Rhine is pretty low now. They found and destroyed 2 or 3 barrels of "fog acid", which were meant to create smokescreens for bombs.
  • Пн, 18:53: And they found a blockbuster bomb near Koblenz, now scheduled for being disarmed on the 4th Dec. Evacuation will include several quarters.
  • Пн, 19:32: Oh, and in Landau they found another bomb, during construction for a horticultural show. Weights a quarter tonne, defusing tomorrow.
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