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Want me to draw one of your characters, or anything else?

You can request it here, and I'll draw a postcard-sized sketch. This project is crowdfunded, so I accept tips via paypal, and if you tip, or even if you don't but other people's tips crack a certain threshold, you may get an inked or coloured image instead.

More samples: postcard-sized art, ACEOs

What I will draw
I'm best with humanoids and portraits, but I also draw furries and animals (or plants, abstracts, whatever). Full figures may be semi-chibified, like so.
Topics/requests for a character doing something are welcome in general, as long as it's not too complicated.
One character or subject per request - props or a small pet are OK, but no couples this time.

I'm not comfortable drawing sexual themes or gore, and may default to a vanilla portrait if you ask for another theme I find I'm not comfortable with.

I'll default to drawing on A6 cards (the size is close enough to 4x6 inches that in my experience it works in bought mats for 4x6 photos). If you'd like a smaller size (e.g. 4x4 square or ACEO), please say so.
For colouring I use markers, possibly combined with coloured pencils. "Coloured" may mean greyscale if the character is all grey (or if you tell me you'd prefer that).

I'll upload scans 450 pixels on the longer side, "delivery" will be via reply to the comment in which you made your request. I'll also make a post with all images when they are finished (aiming to do them all within a month)
You may post that version on your blog or the like, if you credit me and link back to
You may also crop and shrink the image to use as an icon. In places like LJ or Dreamwith that provide a space to do so, please credit me as the artist.

One request per person. One character/subject per request - a small pet, prop or similar is OK. I'll accept at least 30 people.
If you'd like to request something, leave the following information in a comment:

Whom or what would you like me to draw? (Please note that with characters, it's really helpful if you don't only give an image reference and/or physical description, but also mention something about the personality, to avaid getting an image of a stern/serious character grinning like a loon, or the like.)

Any style or format preferences?

If you tipped, or are planning to tip, what bonus would you like? (dimensions of additional file, different request for second image)

If you found this through somebody else spreading the link, who was it?

Tip- and Link incentives

Progress (updated by hand, so it will lag)

If you tip, please 1) Leave a note on the payment page that lets me identify your request and 2) do not tip less than $1 - Paypal keeps too much of those small payments.

If you spread the link and someone mentions they found this page through you, I'll count that as a $2 tip from you, but not towards the total.


  • Anybody who tipped at all will get their image inked, and can request one additional file of a different size (eg original 300 dpi scan, or a cropped and shrunk icon)
  • Anybody who tipped at least $12 or €8 will get their image coloured, and I'll send the original in the mail.
  • Everybody else will get a pencil sketch.

Total tips over 40 euros

  • Anybody who tipped at all will get their image coloured.
  • Anybody who tipped at least $9 or €6 will additionally get the original mailed.

Total tips over 80 euros

  • Anybody who tipped at all can request two additional files of different sizes (eg both original 300 dpi scan and a cropped and shrunk icon)
  • Anybody who tipped at least $6 or €4 will get the original mailed.
  • Everybody else will get their image inked.

Total tips over 120 euros

  • Anybody who tipped at least $12 or €8 will get a second sketch. (Level of finish is up to me. I may go experimental with the style.)
  • Anybody who tipped at least $3 or €2 will get the original mailed.
  • All images will be coloured.

Tips received will go towards stocking up on marker refill ink and other art supplies.

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