Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Flash Fiction Fishbowl

OK, so I started a serial, and I don't want to stop posting flash fiction. It would be good to build a bit of a buffer of flashfic to free up brainspace for the serial, so I'm looking for prompts.

Keywords, questions; if you know my writing, "more of X".
I'd be particularly interested in scifi in the widest sense (space opera, science fantasy, super heroes, steampunk...), but not going to limit to that.
I'm not so much into romance and such, and I don't write fanfic.

No limit on number of prompts per person.

I'll be trying to use at least one prompt from each prompter, but since I haven't done anything like this before, I don't want to make any promises I'm not reasonably sure I could keep.

Prompters will get any story based on their prompts as soon as they're finished via LJ message (or email or other method if you tell me in your comment); I'll publicly post them on my website at my discretion, probably only one per week.

I'll write in a google doc. Anybody leaving a tip will get a link so they can read any story (and if they check while I'm writing, watch the writing near-live).

If I get a total of $15 or more, I'll make up the results into an ebook with a basic cover, if I receive $30 I'll make a cover illustration in addition.


I'll leave this open all through the weekend.
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