Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

I went shopping for plants this morning - bought two lilies (one orange, one probably yellow), a few dark-leaved impatiens, and an orchid. The impatiens are on the graveyard now; the gazanias did not like it there (probably not enough sun).

When I started clearing a bed for the gazanias it started to rain a little, but stopped after a minute. After I'd planted those, I started clearing thistles (again) from another bed, and it started raining a bit (again). Thought I'd work through it, and a minute later it turned into a downpour. Had to wait it out in the storage shed/former chicken coop because if I'd gone to the house, I'd've been drenched.

I posted a list of Friday Flash stories from last week that I liked, and the review, which took longer to write and format than I'd anticipated.

Do you find my reviews helpful? Do I include enough detail, or too much? I'd appreciate feedback so I can write stuff that interests you folks. :)

Tomorrow: Grocery shopping, posting to DA and tuesdayserial, drawing; possibly writing (just now synching the writing files between laptops)

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