Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Tuesday with Sketch Fest

Procrastinating again... but here's the Sketch Fest post I promised.

- "Ice Queen", redrawing a several years old thing. I'm not sure if I want to finish it, since I don't feel like this is much of an improvement on the original.

- "Tiger Lily", copied from an US Fish & Wildlife photo. I messed up at one point witht he inking, and debating if I should drop it, just go on, or redraw.

- "Swallowing Stars" and "Stars in my Head". I do want to finish those, just not sure if I'll go through with it. "Swallowing Stars" needs some tweaks including more elaborate jewellery/barette and making the star sizes less uniform; the other one needs to be redrawn, it's off. Probably going to mirror the hair on "Swallowing Stars" more, and adding a necklace...

- "Sketch Fest Fairy" - That was fun, but I don't particularly feel like finishing it. A bit too in-jokey.

- "Bungee Fairy" - same as above. And apparently it's not clear what's going on, judging by the confused first comment I got on the Sketch Fest site.

- "Owl" - I want to finish this - I'm envisioning a watercolour painting - but it scares me a bit.

- "Iris" - The obligatory image with tentacles. This is as finished as I want to to be, but I'll definitely play with the "tentacle flowers" thing more.

- "Mermaids of the Deep" - Not particularly interested in finishing this bit of playing with designs... If anything, I'll continue work on the Deep Sea Witch.

- Chicks in a high heel. Definitely want to finish that. In fact, I might do so now.

I had in mind doing that today or yesterday, but I got stuck fiddling with my old art.

In 2009 (including) up to now, I've found that of the stuff I've scanned and uploaded at some point, it breaks down like this:
- Random images: 95
- Images of other people's characters: 43
- Images of my own characters: 8.
Might be 94/43/9, if I included a certain dustbunny sketch, but I don't expect to see that character again.

Kinda sad, really.

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