Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Saturday the fourth

I woke up around 4 am from a dream involving filming of a sitcom that crossed over with The Cosby Show (which must have been quite a trick; I don't think the actors of the latter stopped aging). The dream also involved a flying dilophosaurus with a glowing belly spitting flames. That's New York for you, I guess.

I'm really getting tired of this sleep business, particularly because stressing about having to fall asleep quickly to get enough sleep (without which I'll feel like crap the entire next day) keeps me from falling asleep.

Ehwell. I removed a few communities on Deviantart from my watchlist, and two people from my Twitter watchlist (one because he re-tweeted so much stuff it made up half of my stream when I logged in in the mornings - there was interesting stuff in there, but it was so much my eyes glazed over. The other talked about feeling "rapey" yesterday, and greeted this morning with "hello, you cunts!", and even if he's joking, I don't need stuff like that in my face.)

One of the previous participants signed up to Character Art Exchange, so I went and added blank records for the trades they were involved in, which involved changing the script I had for that, since I changed the database a bit since the last time I used it.

My overdue image is traced yet again, this time in pencil, with a few more detail fixes. I uploaded a scan of that to take part in the round, because there were so few participants, but I'll finish it soon.

Today I did this, because I really, really needed something non-fiddly, but colourful:

acrylics on canvas, 20 cm/8 inces at the narrower side, and my ruler's not long enough for the other. :P
Going to have another pass at that, at least to touch up the edges, or I wouldn't have uploaded a poor photo like that.

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