Anke (ankewehner) wrote,


Shopping. Prepping stuff for the birthday coffee. Shoveling dirt into the wall my uncle built, and fetching stuff for him. Eating delicious cake.

Now I'm tired.

Going to write and post a random bit of flash, though.

Photos of a white kiwi chick
twapa has posted an Illustrated lifelist of birds she has seen and drawn (or painted, or embroidered)

Er, that doesn't mean she took thread and needle to birds to decorate them. German has two words there, "sticken" (in the appropriate tense "gestickt"), which is just plain doing embroidery, and "[etwas] besticken" ("bestickt"), which is transitive (that is, it required an object) and means to decorate something with embroidery. *cuts more detailed explanations* I think being tired might make me rambly.

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