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I mowed the grass-and-weeds, and puttered around a bit around other corners of the garden, in the process watching a swallowtail visit our blooming weeds, a magpie steal one of our cherries, an indeterminate but small number of crows and magpies scuffling (possibly over our cherries). Our cherry tree doesn't provide us with cherries we eat (they don't taste particularly good, if you ask me), but with plenty of opportunity for watching birds. :D

The proto-forum is at the stage of "post thread, display list of threads, and display posts in one thread".

I got some 500 words of the story that has to do with the one with the dragon mites written, and got halfway through the rewrite of the Butterflies story.

  • The Bounty Hunter (Flash Fiction by Kari Fay)
  • Bard to the Bone, a short serial. You can get to the next part with the "Next Entry" link in the lower left corner of the page.

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