Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Friday with crackers

I like crackers. *crunch*

Got my grade for the drawing course this morning - 1.7 (with best being 1.0 and worst but still passing being 4.0), which I'm pretty happy with, given how nervous I was about the whole thing.

On the way home I had a nice little walk through IKEA and picked up a drawer unit on wheels. I'm planning to keep stuff like pencils in, right at hand. Well, to my left, but... *cough* It is red!

I wrote a fresh bit of flash for today, and cleaned up an older draft for another that I can fall back on, so that should hopefully free up writing-headspace to tackle the Dragon story, or something else that intimidates me.

Right now I'm wondering how to do a review that tells people enough to decide if a short story is interesting to them, without spoiling it too much.

Signal boost
haikujaguar is working on a printed collection of her Jokka stories. The Jokka are an alien species with three sexes. The reviews I'm waffling about are of those short stories, but if you haven't read them and are curious now, two of them are available for free: Freedom, Spiced and Drunk and Unspeakable
The print edition is looking for sponsors, and there are goodies on offer up to and including the original illustrations painted for the collection.

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