Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Monday, YAY!

I totally forgot to mention that occasionally dragging your feet works out nicely... I did do so on Saturday morning about driving to the graveyard and shopping, and just when I was pulling myself together, the retour label for the webcam dropped into my inbox, so I could send it back then.

After a spot of grocery shopping, during which I picked up a pot with callas (which are not edible), I tidied up my room and vacuumed here and in the kitchen. I wonder how much of the lack of productivity last week was because I'd neglected to put the waste baskets where they belong... When I have to get up to throw something away, stuff accumulates on my desk, which makes working tricky. Yes, I am stupid about some things, thank you for asking. :D

Since the weather was still nice, I spent some more time outside, cleaning up more of the roofed-over area, which involved lifting one of the two-inch-thick "tiles" to be able to pull out a freakin' tree that was growing under a chair.

Some of the 13 ebooks accumulated for the purpose got a test run. Netted one more with a action/threat-filled prologue from later in the story, and another with a threat-filled paragraph with no visible relation to the second paragraph in the book, another that put me off by rambling about military campaigns, and one, well... It's hard to take a ruthless head of an army seriously when his name just happens to be the German version of "kiddie" or "kidlet". (By the by, it did not help my "enjoyment" of The Sheepfarmer's Daughter that "Stammel" is basically the German word for "stammer". Bad luck there...)

I think I'm rambling.

Big Dreams, a piece of Flash Fiction by Kari Fay. Go read it, it's short. ;)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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