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Writing troubles

I don't know if you know, but one reason why I nearly exclusively write flash fiction is that if no-one likes one of those pieces, well, that's a few hours of work wasted. Putting in the work on something longer, to get only a resounding silence, or worse, "meh, I don't like that, I want a continuation of [off-the-cuff flashfic I don't have any idea how to continue]" would kinda suck.

It's particularly bad with the characters I know and like most. It's part of why I'm reluctant about ever getting last November's NaNo up to scratch to show other people - it involves two characters and a setting I've had in my heads for a long time, and I'm afraid I'm altogether too invested in that stuff, so I'm even more afraid of rejection than usual.

But, well, if I don't ever dare to tackle a longer thing (and "longer" with me starts at 1000 words), it won't get better. So let's see what other ideas there are...

Hopeless Romantic - This was originally a short story, but I'd lost the file. I could recreate it to stretch my description-muscles a bit.

Spirit of Exploration - There is more to that, but it's pretty dark. The story wants to be written, but I don't think I want to write it at this point.

Mantle and Sword, Chances and Asking Those Who Know feel to me like they would be decent hooks into longer stories, but I have absolutely nothing that's not in the story as-is.

Identity - I have a longer piece of flash related to this... has been sitting in my files for a year. Still worrying if it makes sense. I've got a feeling the setting has potential, but for the most part I'm at a loss what to do with it.

I got a lot (for my standards) of interested noises on Red Flower, but I have no idea how to turn that into a story rather than a vignette with interesting imagery without it turning into some Saturday-morning-cartoon level morality thing about greed.
Similarly, I got a lot of comments asking for more on Summoning Demons, but, well, it's just stereotypes with a minor twist.

Prey of Unusual Size caught interest, too. I do have more for that in mind, but I'm afraid the tone will be different to the point that no-one will like it.

Claims - The main driving force here is the setting, more precisely, an idea how to play with the idea of inherited magic a bit. I have some ideas using the same principle, but different characters (and possibly even a different universe), involving parallel worlds (of the "pretty different"-kind, not "evil twins" or "nearly our world"-kind), too. For some reason this feels a bit like shonen manga to me. This might lend itself to a serial, including potential for several side-plots - there's the relationship with the allied aliens who at the moment are anthropomorphic animals, the main thread might be exploration of a plane dubbed "hell", and the information network made up of genetically engineered giant hiving insects might be interesting - and I even have a vague idea where it might be going in the long term.

Chilling Effect might even be bent to fit in the same setting as the one above, but it's more something playing off your basic superhero setting. There is a bit more in my head about this story, but I have no idea where to aim at to reach an end.

Then there's the Junkyard story I started. It'd deal with a space station with an uncontrollable and unpredictable influx of resources and people, and no way to get anywhere else inhabitable. Jury-rigging involved. Also, a werewolf from a medieval setting adjusting to a high-tech environment without a moon. The first point worries me because I'm afraid it won't make sense, and the research I should be doing, the second because it involves Nico and Daaren, two of those characters I may be altogether too invested in.

Another project I have on file is "Hazel Jack", basically a fairy tale about a thumbling-type guy. Involves a witch, fairies, and talking animals.

There's also that idea of a girl and a shanghai'd protector (who's a vampire) going worlds-hopping looking for someone, which I came up with a bit befoe Tsubasa was published. It would have the benefit of potentially being rather episodic/setting of the chapter kind of thing, which would reduce worries about keeping worldbuilding or a big cast straight. On the downside, I have doubts the premise makes sense.

Looking at that list, maybe the (or, well, another) problem might be, "too many ideas; can't decide which to focus on". The descriptions may be entirely too vague for anyone who is not me, but did anybody read the list and find something that really caught their interest?

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