Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Monday with shopping

I romped through altogether too many shops today. In good news, I now have drapes. Also, it's incredible how giddy I can get just because a shop in Neuwied had the brand of filecards I was looking for. (The ones I'd been drawing the freebies on, gosh a month ago already. Aynway, they have a much smoother surface than any other brand I found, and having to drive to Koblenz to buy them would have been inconvenient.

There's a flower pot sticking in the Japanese maple in the garden now. We'll see if it works. (You'll get photos tomorrow.)

I tightened up the pencil lines for the MAX image, but don't feel up to inking today.

Found two exotic islands on deviantart:

Dragon Cave appears to be down.

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