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I really like that my desk isn't facing the wall anymore. I got to watch a magpie hopping round on our gutter, among other things. And got some sketching done; I have pencil lineart for the MAX picture that just needs a tad of refining before I trace it.

As to the whole sorting plan, I put most sketches back into a drawer.
I deleted the ebooks I added to Calibre from the download folder, and marked all books in Calibre if I had read them or not, and cleaned up tags generally.
I brought my personal watchlist on DA down from 3300 to 330 items, and voted on a bunch of traditional media group submissions. (That group also has two new volunteers.) And I submitted something to DA.

Those are the kind of plants we get without gardening... well, we scattered some seeds and stuck some plants in the ground years ago, and now just let the flowers do their thing, which they are doing pretty well.

I can't find the plant hormone that's supposed to help encourage the greenery to grow roots, so the air layering experiments are postponed until after a shopping trip.

So far I have more-or-less contacted two publishing houses and three authors about wanting to buy their ebooks, but being unable to. Er, make that five, including self-publishing authors. I hope they take it as "Here, I can't give you money, which is bad for both of us", rather than annoying badgering. :P

Sydney Padua on cajoling characters into a story. With illustrations and diagrams. I particularly like the one with Ada Lovelace.

Looks like my signature at the mobileread forums might be a healthy place for 'em.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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