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Saturday with sorting

Before I forget it: Sketch Fest now lets artists offer sketches for sale, splitting the money between site donation and paid-to-the-artist, so I went and listed some of my older sketches that were too expensive to ship for me to want to donate them, including the Book Sprite, and the finished version of the Owltopus.
And of course there are neat works from other participants, too, so have a look: List of all available sketches

Yesterday I cleaned my graphic tablet with copic marker refill ink (well, colourless blender fluid). The darn spray glue mist spread further than I'd anticipated, it's waterproof, and the copic stuff was at hand, while I'd have to have gone questing for grain alcohol. I found that today, to clean part of the floor, too.

After some sorting and culling of my accumulated collection of cardboard I found room to store my laser printer. The remaining stack looks less disorderly, too.

What I'm a bit at a loss about is sorting sketches and art. I've got stuff I consider done (some of which got "I'd love to see this finished!" comments, so, yeah...), stuff that was a development stage of something that is now finished, ideas I might want to revisit... and that in the different flavours "other people's characters", "my characters", and "random images". (And sometmes it's "my character meting someone else's character, or one sheet has two or three sketches belonging to different categories. Oh, and there's the different sizes...)
Switching to sketching in sketchbooks might get rid of the whole sorting and -resorting problem. Or developing a habit of filing those things right after finishing them, rather than letting them pile up.

Ehwell, for now I've started a folder with "polished" stuff that I might try to sell. Most sensible thing would be either dumping everything else in a box, or at least only keeping the things I want to revisit separate.

On deviantart, I prodded the Traditional Media community, and took a bite of the accumulated images on my watchlist. Have two birds I found there:

archangelbeth posts dragons in her journal, and, well... I have a dragoncave account, which I hadn't touched in ages, but they have a bunch of new species... No idea if I can make those hatch without going back to click-trading sites, which is something I don't really want to do, but worth a try.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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