Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Friday with breaks and a to-do list

So, today was the presentation of the uni assignment that has been driving me batty for the last few weeks. Maybe I can have my brain back now?

My craving for buying the next Pokemon installment went down sharpish (I guess my backbrain was looking really hard for ways to procrastinate), though that may have to do with learning that you can't trade between Black&White and earlier games. Will have to consider that.

Given that I might be finished studying now, I should start looking for jobs, but, on the other hand, given that I'm not 100% certain I've really passed, I'll use that excuse to give myself a break until next week at least. :P

I think I'll skip flash fiction today, or maybe give it a shot tomorrow morning (It'll still be Friday somewhere...), but after two nights of bad sleep due to nerves, I'm too tired and headachey and will have a break.

I did plant the petunias I picked up yesterday in our flower boxes (alternating white and magenta blossoms) and submitted an image to EMG-Zine for the "Jewel"-themed issue, so I get to feel kinda productive, by my standards.

Stuff to do over the weekend, or soon after:
  • Tidy up my room and vacuum again.
  • At least start on one of the overdue art trade images I owe.
  • Get started on air layering the Japanese maple in the garden - I'm not sure that one will survive as-is, connected to a rotting stump.
  • Various sorting, weeding out and filing, including paper stacks, old sketches, and my "to read" list...
  • Catch up with stuff on Deviantart again
  • (probably mow the grass-and-weeds)

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