Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Thursday, wondering where the time went

Well, at least the morning was productive. I scraped some weeds from between the paving in the yard, mowed the grass and weeds, and cleaned out the corner in front of the rain barrels. There were some impressive specimens of tetterwort growing there, and about an inch of soil on top of the flagstones, the corner being a bit awkward.

Productivity flagged in a bad way after lunch, but at least later I got an early Friday Flash done... which got 3 comments in 20 minutes, which made me wonder if the one last week was too long, or too clichéd a theme, or what. (Yes, I'm fishing for feedback here.)

In other news, I had asked Smashwords abut their category weridness, and received a reply that, yes, they consider it broken, particularly where Fantasy and SciFi are concerned, and are planning to fix it in May. Yay!

Entirely unrelated... I think everyone probably has seen this video already, but in case somebody has missed it, here's peacock spider mating habits

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