Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Wednedsay, feeling productive

Grocery shopping, watering plants (and watching a squirrel) on the graveyard, weeding a bed in the garden, proofreading two stories jeriendhal is going to put on Smashwords... Apart from not enough writing or drawing, I feel good.

Slightly weird proofreading a story I wouldn't thought I'd be interested in reading, but, well, I like doing stuff I'm good at, and I seem to be relatively good at spotting words that are not there but should be. At least when the writing's not my own.
If I had a better grasp of proper comma use, I'd totally try to offer self-publishing authors proofreading for payment. :P

Speaking of nitpicking, I went browsing Smashwords a bit, and noticed that their category system is rather messed up.
The "Sci-Fi" link in the navigation takes you to "Science fiction and Fantasy", which is a child of "Literature".
The "Fantasy" link in the navigation takes you to "Fantasy (contemporary)", which is a child of "Literature", not of "Sci-Fi and Fantasy" or anything else.
You can only get to the "Literature" category through the breadcrumb on one of the child categories, of by clicking "Fiction" in the navigation, unfolding "All sub-categories", and there clicking on the "Literature" link. There is the option "Literary" in the sidebar, but that's another sub-category of "Literature".
If you unfold all sub-categories on the "Literature" page, you get a better impression of what categories there are. The list includes among many others:
  • Fantasy (contemporary) - linked as "Fantasy" from the sidebar
  • Fantasy (epic)
  • Fantasy (general)
  • Fantasy (historical)
  • Fantasy (paranormal)
  • Fantasy (urban)
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy - linked as "Sci-Fi" from the sidebar
  • Science Fiction - Adventure
  • Science fiction - general
  • Science fiction - high tech
  • Science fiction - military
  • Science fiction - short stories
  • Science fiction - space opera

And that (and individual pages of books listed in those categories) seems to be the only place where you can find most of them, because "Sci-Fi and Fantasy" does not have any sub-categories.

It sucks all around, frankly. If I want to see all recent works listed as any kind of fantasy, there is no simple way.
If you write fantasy that's not contemporary, you could list it as "Sci-Fi and Fantasy", but that's bound to disgruntle Sci-Fi-but-not-Fantasy readers, because it makes Fantasy show up in the list they find when they click "Sci-Fi", but otherwise the book will not show up in any of the categories reachable from the sidebar...
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