Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Greenery, or why Spring is Awesome

a pair of buds at the end of a twig two new twigs on a Japanese maple, each about 25 cm (10 inches), with a dozen light green, feathered leaves On the left is a pair of buds at the end of a twig of my green feathered Japanese maple.
On the right is what it’s grown into a bit over amonth later. I put my index finger where the buds from the picture on the left were. (Both images link to bigger versions.)

The red japanese maple and the one that went wild (that is, the grafted part died and the stump grew shoots with “less fancy” leaves) are doing, fine, too, as do the potted little willow, the older azalea, and both of the oaks that were alive last year. The younger azalea needs a bit more time to readjust , but is growing new leaves, too. And do we ever have forget-me-nots.

Everything grows, and it’s awesome!

Since I like green so much, here are some green images I found on deviantart (thumbnails link to deviantart pages):

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