Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Friday with webstuff and found pics

Started the day with a bit of tidying up that required walking around, which is the next best thing to going for a walk. Bits I got done today included finishing the flash fiction I posted earlier (which included writing the third part), and writing another piece of 500 words (which I'll probably rewrite... two characters in a scene, and I pick the wrong one for the viewpoint XD).

Question for you: When does a story get too long for your friendslist, and should be cut (or only the start mirrored at Livejournal and Dreamwidth, with a link to the original post)?

I also tinkered with my website.
I decided that if I move to drupal, it'll be when a few more modules have caught up with the new version, so I looked up how to properly create a child theme in Wordpress,rather than editing the default theme and having my changes overwritten every time a new WP version gets released. It was very simple, really. I made the header graphic and margins around the content smaller, and changed the colours of the horizontal menu. My icon and the title and the white gradient are a png graphic, laid over the header image. That header image can be swapped out in the "backstage" area rather than requiring FTP. Good enough for the moment.

A few pics I liked on deviantart:

The last one is an optical trick image with hidden animals.

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