Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Thursday with (talk about) shinies

I had to go shopping this morning. Before that, I counted swallows in our garage, and came up with five. Part of the time they were chasing each other, and most of the time chattering or screeching... I wonder if that'll mean three breeding pairs this year. Last year was the first in my memory - and possibly since the room was rededicated from a cowshed to a garage - that there were two.

Shopping itself included picking up some things from an electronics shop, and I got my mitts on a tablet with keyboard dock - Acer W500, I think. Very shiny. The tablet's heavier than I expected. I wonder what they'll come up with with a few more years to tinker.

My website still has no design to speak of (I just chopped the header graphic from the default Wordpress theme. Headline and header graphic took up WAY too much space) but now it does have a favicon. It looks like this *points to entry icon*, only smaller.

I had some fun watching [personal profile] haikujaguar paint on livestream and chatting, and got productive sorting and labelling files for backups, among other things.

Oh, and between yesterday and today, I have drafts for two stories I could clean up and post tomorrow.

I think leaving the house in the morning is good for my productivity.
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