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Monday with Twittered Dragons

On the Bujold mailing list, somoen asked, "Are there any stories where the knight saves the dragon from the girl?"
I decided to pose the question to Twitter, and for the first time saw the retweeting grapevine in action when I started it. It's pretty neat and a bit scary. XD
Thanks everyone who answered!

Strongest ones seemed to be Blue Moon Rising by Simon R Green, and Patricia Wrede, apparently the Enchanted Forest Chronicles ( "Dealing with Dragons" and its sequels).
Here are some answers:

I'd love to know. All I can think of is a knight (female) saving a prince from a dragon by reasoning with the dragon.
Well, beating each other up, finding themselves evenly matched, and then abandoning the fight.

I know one where a watchman protects the dragon from an angry mob... [Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett]

no, but I know one where the girl saves the dragon from the knight, sort of: Not Ordinarily Borrowable by @ see Amazon
Thanks! @ has something similar, with a woman captured by a dragon influencing him to be a bit less murderous...

Today's Bruno re-run touches on that topic:

Well in Shrek the trusty steed saves the dragon and the knight runs off with the girl. That's an interesting twist.

try Blue Moon Rising by Simon R Green for dragon-maiden switch

there are elements of that in the Enchanted Forest series by Patricia C. Wrede, especially the 4th book. I adore them!

The only thing I can think of remotely close to this is John Gardner's "Grendel."

i've heard such a story, i believe on podiobooks. Hysterical as i recall.
Maybe not podiobooks. Maybe podcastle.
I might be thinking of Accounting for Dragons.
Might be Dragon hunt -
or What Dragon's Prefer

Try "The Dragon & the George" by Gordon R Dickson (Closeish :)

In "Dealing with Dragons" the girl saves the dragon from the knights!


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