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I'm still pondering migrating my website from Wodpress to Drupal. The taxonomy features really appeal to me - I like the idea of keeping thematic tags ("fantasy", "dragons"...) separate from ones specific to my own work (names of settings/projects and characters), or things that are specific to art or stories, respectively (media, wordcount). The Wordpress Migration module seems to work (at least sometimes), and I can export Wordpress posts divided by category, so I can change settings between imports so the fiction is filed as fiction node, reviews as review node, and such.

It's an awkward time, since v7 is relatively new, and quite a few modules/add-ons aren't available for that version yet - with v6 being a not very attractive option since it apparently would require installation of more stuff my provider doesn't include, if it's possible at all. Plus, getting used to one version only to switch to the next a bit later... eh.

Problem modules are mainly crossposting to LJ (and Dreamwidth), and Node Gallery... Or, more generally, the question how to handle my gallery, which is kinda big-ish.

Ah, well, later.

Stuff I got done today includes taking the car to the dealership to have that fourth tyre changed, a spot of shopping, a surprise bout of mowing the grass-and-weeds we keep for a lawn, and tidying and vacuuming my room. That I really don't want to let the latter slip again is either a bad sign of procrastinating, or that the whole "take St. John's worth to improve general mood" is really working. Or possibly both.

The art for jeriendhal , i_id and chibiqueen is in the mail.
I didn't work on the remaining two. Fully planning on getting those ready to mail on Monday, though, which is still within the announced week.

Tags: drupal

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