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There's a tube-shaped nest box for squirrels on the graveyard. A squirrel was gnawing off little twigs around it and carrying them inside. Squirrels are cute. ♥

On the way home, I dropped by the post office to pick up postage stamps. Turns out the German post changed their international rates. Now they are the same whether you mail inside or outside of Europe (for letters, anyway) - and the prices for overseas DROPPED! It's unbelievable.

It's a pretty big difference if I have to pay €1,70 or €0,75 for a standard letter up to 20g - or €3,45 for something bigger (say, something 5x7 inches) or the old rate of €6. The latter had a while ago gone up from €4 to €6, because they eliminated a size/weight class in between, which is why this comes as such a surprise now.

for i_id - markers halfway or so finished
jeriendhal - markers mostly finished
ellenmillion - sketched (started inking a bit, but I need to see if I can't find a bit of inspiration for clothes. Not that there's much of clothes in the image, but, yeah)
moon_fox - sketched
truekaia - inked

I got the belated April round at started, and the signup for May. Which at first had a signup deadline ending at the first April, ut at least I noticed...

And I got a drabble I'll post right now for Friday Flash.

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