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Grocery shopping this morning, and did some sorting... Part of the latter wasn't really neccessary and involved ripping classnotes and random doodles out of partly used notepads, to leave either only blank pages, or only old story drafts. The other part was some frantic searching, because I could not immediately locate the stuff I'd done for the drawing course in class, which is about half of the work, if not more. I've got it now, though; somehow slipped into a wrong stack. gnah.

I did another of the requests from yesterday, and started the third.
Hero from the webcomic Five Star ( on Twitpic

i_id (got a sketch started, needs more details, mostly fingers)
jeriendhal (spent a few minutes experimentally blending markers - trouble is, I only have one violet one, if you ignore "mauve shadow" and "pale lavender", which are very pale. Oh, well.)

Oh, and I wrote some 1600 words of romance/smut I'm not planning on showing anyone, but need to get out of my head to make room for other stuff.

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