Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Got the art exchange round started and a first looking-for-typos pass and-then-a-bit over the rest (second half, with the new stories) of Royce's collection done.

Besides, I got another of those "need to rearrange my room!" fits. With the old computer workplace freed up to use as storage, and some other shuffling, I think I can get rid of one of my three IVAR shelves, and with some more shuffling that'd mean I could put the desk in the middle of the room, so the window was to my left hand when I worked there, which would be awesome.

Next up: Finish that rearranging, getting back into writing bits of fiction, and into drawing.

Books read this year (any without author name attached are by Lois McMaster Bujold)
  • The Spirit Ring
  • Sharing Knife 1 - Beguilement
  • Sharing Knife 2 - Legacy
  • Sharing Knife 3 - Passage
  • Sharing Knife 4 - Horizon
  • Curse of Chalion (re-read)
  • Paladin of Souls
  • The Hallowed Hunt
  • Dreamweaver's Dilemma
  • Unexpected Diversions by Royce Day
  • The Dragon's Companion by Royce Day

To read
  • On Basilisk Station by David Weber (started, but I took a break for Bujold re-reads... So far it consisted nearly exclusively of infodumps about politics, infodumps about technology (mostly weapons), and internal monologue in which the characters bemoaned the lack of communiication between them. I wish I were kidding.)
  • Red Hood's Revenge by Jim C.Hines
  • Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett
  • His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

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